Brewery Tours

Why party with us?

If you're looking for a special way to celebrate your birthday, graduation or promotion, why not party with San Diego Party Tours? Our spacious and affordable party bus can take you to all your favorite spots around the city. With our brewery tour services, you get...

Comfort - Most of our buses come with bathrooms onboard so there is no need to make pit stops along the way.
Convenience - Everyone in your party can ride together while hitting all the spots you want.
Unmatched Safety - No one in your party has to worry about being the DD.
Vibes-All buses have dance floors equipped with Bluetooth surround sound systems and fiberoptic party lighting.
VIP Parking- We'll drop you off at the front door so you don't have to fight for parking.

Make a day out of trying new brews - book our affordable party bus today.

Types of Shuttles

Coachworks - up to 20 passenger bus with bathroom
Platinum - up to 40 passenger bus with bathroom
Admiral - up to 50 passenger bus

See Fleet page for more options